The Real Estate Market In New Jersey, Trends To Expect In 2021

2020 was a year like none ever experienced. Corona Virus went from existing to being all over in one minute. Staying indoors meant that all people who owned businesses had had to shut them down. Another sector of the economy that suffered the blow was the real estate market. In New Jersey, the situation wasn’t much different. At the peak season, the situation had worsened, with most locations going on a total lockdown. Unfortunately, it was a lousy year businesswise. The losses incurred during this period were huge. Well, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. If you were thinking of buying a house in 2020, you should go for it. The idea might sound bizarre, but the experts know better. Read on.

The real-estate market has four principal players who control what happens. These include sellers, buyers, renters, and upcoming sites. Although some of them might appear insignificant, it is good to know that they play a huge role in impacting the turnover of events. All of them have also led to the emergence of trends that have hugely impacted New Jersey’s market.




When the virus came into existence, many property owners had plans. One of them was relocation. However, with all the confusion and low income for some people, moving was not an option. Some of the new places you could go to were on a total lockdown. What is the long term consequence of this action? While people stay permanently in similar locations, the result is a low supply of homes to buy in the market. In an attempt to solve this problem, the government reduced the mortgage interest rates. It was a platform for people to move. However, the provisions served both ways. Most homeowners preferred to refinance and stick to their old homes. It is far cheaper to stay where you are since moving on its own is costly, thus avoiding it. The few that decided to sell their houses didn’t increase the number of dwellings needed within the market. Most of them end up buying newer homes in a similar housing market.


By the end of 2020, mortgage interest rates had hit a new low level like never before. The numbers will be historical. In mid-December, the rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage was 2.67%. The figure was more than one percent lower compared to the numbers in 2019. Surprisingly the situation led to a demand for homes. The pressure was almost blowing roofs. The need for better homes kept increasing. With children homeschooling and most folks working from home, everyone wanted sufficient space to go about their activities. The trend was positive, but unemployment made most people worried. How were buyers going to settle the mortgages with no income? Buyers started shifting areas. Instead of paying more in urban centers, most of them opted to buy in the suburbs. These spaces have similar houses but with more space required and a much calmer environment. With the demand, sellers are going to benefit more in 2021. Buyers are still clinging on to their old house, but the wise ones have already moved. The coming trends might make the tables turn.


The rental market in New Jersey has suffered the most from the effects of the pandemic. The impact spread to the larger parts of the country. Property owners had to lose more as the lockdown meant shutting down the retail stores, restaurants, malls, and other departmental stores. Offices had to shut down, letting go of employees while others embraced working from home. The situation led to a cut in the flow of money coming from rental properties. While some business owners could manage to settle their dues in time, many suffered and struggled to meet these demands.
A few had to move out, a more difficult situation. According to the national statistics, only 75.4% of renters managed to make full payment in the last month of 2020. The result for the rest was evictions. The state government in New Jersey embraced the eviction moratorium; otherwise, every renter would get thrown to the street with their property. The case is not permanent, though. When it gets lifted, what becomes of their property? The case will not be different in 2021. Financial struggle is still looming around as normalcy hasn’t returned yet. The speculation of a new wave of the virus will make the situation even worse. The government will have to intervene further. Everyone is clinging tightly to the idea of a vaccine.

Upcoming Projects.

Developments are always a positive sign in any sector. It means there is progress in the real estate market. Through new construction, new urban centers will crop up, leading to a shift in the market. Buyers, sellers, and renters get affected by this situation. All the parties require new projects for them to meet their goals. Builders have not yet relaxed. They have risen to the occasion, and the parties can attest to this fact. As 2021 begins, more buildings are due to come up. There is a level of consistency in this part of the real estate market in New Jersey that is amazing. With the pandemic, most businesses have learned to work with private spaces. Builders are focusing on this direction since the demand is also high. However, the rise of more apartments will decline. The idea has changed as most people don’t have the luxury to move.

Real Estate Trends.

With all the occurrences, there are specific trends to expect in 2021. While some might be favorable, some will hit these key players negatively. However, with an open mind, you can overcome these challenges. If the year 2020 ended, it is proof that nothing lasts forever.

•Growth Of Real Estate Services.

The New Jersey market has numerous real estate services. These firms allow buyers to browse homes and sellers to list the property they want to sell. One of the most renowned is Long Branch. It has endlessly served the market with numerous properties from all over the location. Since most of the work involved physical meetings, the pandemic wasn’t favorable for this approach. With social distancing, every other business had to go online. There are varying ways to go about this course. The first is by working with a virtual agent. The gadget is like a robot but offering the assistance you would get for a much lower price. The second way is settling for mobile closings. Improvements in technology have made it easier to manage documentation relevant to real estate. There are electric signature platforms and online notarizations to make the process efficient. The last way out is working with third-party buyers. They get the house from you, handle any other aspects like inspection and repairs then sell it at an increased price featuring their profits. It results in less hassle.

•Sky Rocketing Home Prices.

The prices for properties are still increasing by the day. While sellers are smiling, buyers are having a bad day after another. Well, nobody has to suffer in the process. For buyers who are looking into investing, the only way is to work with what you have. Buy a house you can afford. It is safer to work with no debts since none can predict the future. Despite how good these new developments might look, do not think about it. Stick to your lane to avoid problems. Your house payments shouldn’t be more than 25% of your monthly income in 2021. Opt for a fixed-rate mortgage for 15 years. The charges for this option are lower than any other offer you will get. Although sellers have a walk in the park, the situation can change at any moment. There is a potential for better profits, which can help you when you want to make purchases. If you are selling your house, ensure you work with a professional real estate agent.

• Limited Options For Buyers.

As the pandemic came, it meant more people had to focus on priorities. The rate of new developments decreased as the turnover of money was also reduced. What this means for buyers is that they have to go with whatever is in the market. Inventory is and will become scarce for the next few months. Money is tight in fees and other payments that are more important. The slim pickings mean that the best options will go before you know it. If you are thinking of buying a house, better act on it fast. The best in the category will attract huge prices. How do you come up with the money to meet this need? Sacrificing some wants is a gateway to making it happen. Give up on the things that aren’t necessary but take a considerable chunk of your income. Also, have an open mind and look in locations outside your borders. You might find a cheaper property. Once you spot something that interests you, get preapproved immediately. Wastage of time means giving the house to other buyers in the market.

With the above trends, maneuvering the real estate market in New Jersey becomes a smoother and straightforward process. Take note of any changes that might come up, though.

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