Best Neighborhoods to Live in Long Branch

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Long Branch

When you are looking for a town in New Jersey to live in that avoids all the hustle and bustle of the larger cities then Long Branch should fall into your consideration. Here you get access to all the amenities that the east coast has to offer but you’ll also avoid the chaos that is associated with larger cities. You might think but why Long Branch and exactly where in Long Branch should I set up my roots? There are specific neighborhoods that better advantages than the others in the cozy town of Long Branch.


First off is the neighborhood of Branchport. If you are looking for a place that is listed in the $300,000+ range then Branchport is your place. The median prices of Branch port for housing purchases comes in at $371,378, while rentals come in at just around $2,000 per month. These prices aren’t too shabby for this being a coastal neighborhood. Branchport might also fall into one of your top spots due to it’s lower crime rate and the older demographic that occupies this area.


Next worth mentioning is the Broadway area. If you aren’t afraid of new development areas then this could be something you might like to look into. This area was just granted around $200 million for redevelopment that is going to be allocated to apartments and stores alike. The centralized location will give you access to stores as well as giving you access to the water.


If you are looking for a more historic part of Long Branch then check out Elberon. This community gives close access to the beach but has a ton of history behind it. First off is the local train station that’ll give you access to the coast of NJ. It was a hotspot for many past presidents and has the rightly named Seven Presidents Park and the Church of Presidents. Now this is a very higher end part of the town with houses ranging from $500,000 to the millions. You can’t really put a price on the amount of history in this area or the access to the beach.

No matter where you end up in Long Branch, there is definitely a little piece of heaven that’ll suit you. You’ll have access to the beach, ocean activities, and not to mention you are just a hop skip and a jump from major cities like New York City. Long Branch is a hidden gem with much to discover.