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Long Branch, New Jersey Real Estate has been the subject of heated discussion over the past two years. The Long Branch City Council, through the Planning Board, approved an aggressive renewal program to change the remaining beachfront that is not already occupied by luxury condominiums.

This requires the seizing of private property under the power of eminent domain, which is the government's right to take land for public purpose after paying 'just compensation'.

The recent Supreme Court 5-4 decision in Kelo vs. New London, Connecticut, appears to uphold the rights of Long Branch government to condemn and seize property from private citizens when it is done as part of an over all urban renewal plan.

There are winners and losers in any scenario and certainly there will be here.

Long Branch Real Estate located just two blocks from the ocean is primarily single- family low-income property worthy of a make over. The oceanfront will now boast a shopping mall pier complete with upscale restaurants and shops.

The single-family neighborhood will remain virtually unchanged until developers try to purchase their properties and 'cash in' on the public funds expended in the name of redevelopment.

Long Branch Real Estate for sale by owner will prove to be an interesting market in the months and years ahead.

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